Technical Tips

1) My interweb seems slow.... how I can check that?

Do a google search on "dslspeedtest" and find a tester that suits you


Go HERE (I use this one a lot) and follow the instructions

Things to look for on your dslSpeedTest

Your "ping" is a quick measure of how long it takes to connect across the web. That number should be less than 20 most the time. If it gets above 100 you'll notice poor performance. Anything higher than that means even worse.

Your download speeds are key... especially if we are on video. The higher you get above 10 mps (megabits per second) the better your connection.

Upload speeds tend to be a lot slower than download speeds and often hover in the 5 - 10 mps range.

What to try if your dslSpeedTest numbers aren't so great

1) Close EVERYTHING else but your browser and try again

2) Reset your internet connection. If you're on wifi stop the session and restart/reconnect and re-run the dslSpeedTest.

3) If that doesn't work:

If you have access to a "cat-5" (internet) cable, plug that directly into your home router (if you can) and re-run the dslSpeedTest.

4) Still no good?

Reboot your router (check with your folks FIRST since that will temporarily shut down ALL internet access in your home)

5) If your computer is still sluggish, try Rebooting your computer and re-run the dslSpeedTest.