4/27/2020 Addendum

The school will send out a message tomorrow (Monday, April 27th) announcing our new schedule.

Please check my calendar HERE to see how that changes things for us.

Also, please notice that I have a *mandatory* 1 hour session each weak for Physics (Monday), Computer Science (Wednesday) and Aerospace (Friday). As you can see on that calendar, the hour before those mandatory zoom meetings are my office hours, and anyone is welcome to drop in, send me an email or otherwise get in direct contact with me then. I will review the classwork I assigned the previous week during that time.

Also, the state has issues yet new directives that we MUST begin grading underclassmen but that we need to be 'gentle'. I believe their first part of the announcement was "First, do no harm".

Expect a note from the district on that soon.

An example of the sort of grading to expect can be found by viewing the Seattle School District plan.... They are grading their underclassmen using an "A" (you did the work) or "Incomplete" (you didn't do the work and have to make it up) scale.

As of Sunday (April 26th), we have not been directed as to the type of grading to implement, but that should be arriving forthwith.


April 19th, 2020

The district has directed us teacher-folk to move into "Phase III" of online learning. That's by way of saying that our lessons will have a rather more formal look and feel to them and I'll be marking attendance and task completions in the grade book.

Our marching orders are to provide students with 30 minutes (or so) of work per day during the week. Towards that end, I'll be going back to my 'regular' classroom-style lesson plan format.

We are also being asked not to depend on ZOOM Only discussions as some students are burning through cell phone minute plans.

I will continue to hold regular sessions on Zoom, but those will be mostly for answering questions and such with little or no formal 'lectures'.

I am working towards trying to develop and record a few short-ish lecture videos... stay tuned.

Hopefully all of that will jump-start participation a wee bit.

Note: Please consider reviewing these plans with a friend online. It's ALWAYS a good idea to bounce ideas off a colleague-- and hey! you might just get them off the couch!!!

Physics & Aerospace will continue with our Mission to Mars conversations.

APCSP - We will continue to work on and improve our AWS websites.