Career & Tech Options


  • Take a moment and suggest 3 different career options you might explore with a degree in computer science

  • Now please take another moment and suggest 3 different companies/corporations you might enjoy working with

Let's take a gander at where jobs will be in the next few years according to the US Dept of Labor HERE


Curious about what it takes to get hired at Microsoft? Let's discuss:

  • Microsoft USED to be famous ("infamous"?) for putting perspective hires through the ringer by posing very curious hypotheticals and watching how their interviewees worked to solve those. For example:

    How many gas stations are there in the US?

    How might you go about determining the water flow of the Mississippi River?

And similar sort of oddities. Why do you suppose they did that?


Since they are MUCH in the news, what are benefits? In other words, what sort of enticements do companies offer perspective employees in order to entice them (employees) to join their company?

What are the benefits of working at one of the main big outfits: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple? Pick one of those that MOST appeals to you and go see