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Download Wireless Accelerometer Software HERE Installation and Use Help w/ Wireless Accelerometers is HERE

Please also make sure that you print out your report and hand it in to me no later than one week after the last day that you took data for that lab. In case it isn't obvious, please DO NOT share, email or otherwise electronically transmit your lab to me unless I specifically and explicitly tell you to do that.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO collaborate verbally. Do NOT copy or electronically share your lab reports with anyone. That RARELY ends well.

 Labs Report Rubric (version 2.01)

  Lap Report Full Example

  Lab Report Review/Checklist

  How to write an abstract (with college example)

  How to write a Lab Conclusion/Discussion (with college example)

 Mouse Trap Car Reflection

  Air Friction Lab Reflection

Notes to our class conversation on this lab are HERE

TP Lab Work with your group to develop a mathematical model to predict the mass of a toilet paper roll based on the length of the paper pulled from it.
C.O.F LAB Work with your group to see how PRECISELY you can measure the coefficient of friction between various materials
Rosedale Vehicle Acceleration Work with your group to develop a lab that centers on the degree to which cars accelerate AWAY from the stop light on Rosedale right out in front of our school

Air Bags

Project Files

Work with your group to design a design and conduct an investigation to answer the unit question: Why does an air bag keep us safe in an auto collision?
Air Friction

Work with your group to design and conduct an investigation to determine a relationship between a particular physical property (volume, density, surface area or mass) and air friction.

Notes from class are HERE

Hooke's Law Work with your group to calculate an experimental value for Hooke's Law.
EQ Model Work with your group to design and construct building models on a 'shake table' to see how accurately you can model a 9.0 earthquake and its effects on the Puget Sound region.
Optics Work with your group to compare the speed of light in various types of soda pop


There Once Was a Lady Named Bright

Who Traveled FAR Faster Than Light

She set Out One Day

(In a Relative Way)

And Came Back the Previous Night