Earthquake Preparation Activity

1) Research earthquake preparations -- in other words, find a resource that offers suggestions on how we, as citizens of Gig Harbor (or the surrounding locales as the case maybe) should be prepared for a CSZ event.

2) Make a copy or somehow duplicate that plan and be sure to highlight or otherwise indicate the organization that published that plan. This MUST be a separate and distinct document (in otherwords, please don't cut and paste it into your written work)

3) Discuss those suggestions with your folks at home

4) Design a family earthquake preparation plan that SPECIFICALLY indicates how your family will prepare for an EQ event. A bulletted list written in full and complete sentences works well here. Please don't simply repeat the plan you researched, this plan should be individualized to your family and your unique needs and circumstances.


Don't Say: "We will make sure to have plenty of water"

Do Say: "There are 5 people in our household. We will save x gallons of water per person per day per day for x days for a total of 'y' gallons of water. We will store those in 1 gallon jugs in our garage.


1) Cite your sources: 3 points

2) Show/provide a copy of the plan you found on that site: 3pts

3) Indicate whether your hot water heater is bolted to the wall AND, if you live in a house, indicate whether that home is bolted to the foundation.

3) Provide a well written, THOUGHTFUL description of how your family will carry out YOUR OWN well-crafted, individualized-to-your-family-circumstances-EQ preparation plan. 15 points

4) Have at least ONE Adult sign your plan (1 pt)