EXPECTATIONS -- Before we start this unit you should:

  • Be VERY comfortable with the wolgemuthian method
  • Be VERY comfortable with units of measure
  • Be VERY comfortable with the concepts of Force, velocity, mass and displacement

UNIT I LEARNING GOALS -- At the conclusion of this part of the unit, I will be able to:

1) demonstrate clear understanding of the Law of Convservation of energy

2) demonstrate understanding of work defined as force acting through a displacement

3) interpret a force vs displacement graph and calculate work by area under a curve

4) demonstrate that work occurs when energy is transferred from one form to another

5) show that the conservation of energy can be represented mathematically

6) demonstrate the relationship between potential energy and kinetic energy in ideal (no friction) situations and non-ideal (friction is present) situations.

7) use that relationship (from #5 above) to determine velocity, height and other considerations of a falling object.

8) recognize that the Force required to lift an object at a constant rate is equal to the weight of an object.

9) recognize and utilize the basic equations for finding Power:

P = (F)(v)

P = (Energy)(Time)


A link to the printed version of our unit test is HERE (without answers)

A link to the printed version of our unit test is HERE (with answers)


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