UNIT 03 - Momentum & Impulse

EXPECTATIONS -- Before we start this unit you should:

  • be very comfortable with forces and free body diagram
  • be ready to work cooperatively with your team to develop, test and utilize your engineering skills

UNIT I LEARNING GOALS -- At the conclusion of this part of the unit, I will be able to:

1) address the specific unit question: "Why do airbags keep us safe in an automobile collision?"

2) develop a working model to address the concepts of momentum and impulse to answer the investigative question

3) Demonstrate understanding of impulse and momentum by solving various problems

4) Use the Law of Convservation of Momentum and related equations to determine values before, during and after collisions.

5) Continued full use of our standard problem solving techniques:

  • (*) List initial conditions
  • (*) Show relevent formulae
  • (*) Isolate variables
  • (*) Make appropriate substitutions
  • (*) Solve



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