Impulse & Momentum 08

OPENING QUESTION: On a clean, fresh single sheet o' paper, please work alone to create a momentum/ force/ impulse problem using measurements & data from you work so far.

Try to make it so that one person in your group creates a problem to find force, another person to find momentum, another to find impulse and if there are four of you than one person can repeat.

CALENDER: Let's review the upcoming work calendar Notice that I've moved back the lab report and the reflection quite a bit.


  • Force (f=ma, measured in N)
  • Momentum (p=mv, measured in kgm/s)
  • Impulse (change in momentum = ∆p, also force exerted over time = F∆t therefore ∆p = F∆t)


Plase share your problem wth someone else in your group and have them do that problem.

Take a few moments to figure out the bits and parts of the problem BEFORE you ask questions of the author.


  • Please make sure that you review the RUBRIC
  • The Lab Report SAMPLE
  • And (just added) How to Write an ABSTRACT