UNIT 02 - Forces (Dynamics)

EXPECTATIONS -- Before we start this unit you should:

  • keep an open mind -- Our physics investigations may be quite different from middle school science labs or other science courses you've had so far
  • be ready to work together -- Scientists and engineers ALWAYS work in teams
  • be VERY comfortable with algebra and ready to rock & roll with trig

UNIT 2 LEARNING GOALS -- At the conclusion of this part of the unit, I will be able to:

1) demonstrate the ability to represent forces by vectors

2) construct, label and utilize a free body diagram to show individual AND net force(s) acting on an object

3) utilize Newton's First Law to determine the state of on object relative to the forces acting upon it

4) demonstrate understanding of balanced and unbalanced forces (including friction) acting on:

  • objects hanging from 1, 2, 3 or more ropes/cables
  • a person accelerating in an elevator
  • an object moving up/down a ramp

5) show that forces are ALWAYS experienced in pairs (Newton's 3rd Law)

6) calculate the acceleration, force or mass present in a dynamic situation given the values of the other two (Newton's 2nd Law)



At the end of this unit I will be able to:

  • Demonstrate use of trigonometry in problem solving
  • Demonstate ability to convert between data types using 'railroad tracks' method

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