Toilet Paper Roll Mass & Length Investigation
Creating a graph with Excel or Google Sheets is HERE
INVESTIGATIVE QUESTION: Can we develop a mathematical model to determine the mass of a toilet paper roll by measuring the length of the paper pulled away from that roll.

A well crafted model will accurately predict the mass of the paper roll based ONLY on the length of paper pulled away from the roll.

1) Work with your group to determine basic methodology for this lab. You have an electronic scale and toilet paper. Other items may also be available on request.

2) We are NOT looking for a brute force approach here.... you should develop an elegant model that does not require counting every single sheet or stringing out the ENTIRE roll.

3) Once you have a well thought-out plan, take some time to suggest particular problem areas, and plan for them.

All labs are due one week from the last day of the investigation.

You SHOULD collaborate with your group members in all aspects of the lab -- including the written report. You should NOT, however, copy and paste anything from anyone else at any time for any reason. You should NOT take work from another person or other source and put your name on it... Ever.... For Any Reason.