UNIT 00 - Introduction to Physics

EXPECTATIONS -- Before we start this unit you should be able to:

  • Solve Problems
  • Make Good Decisions
  • Show Respect

SKILLS TO BRUSH UP ON -- I will spend little or no time on these in class (but I have provided brief tutorials on my Study Guides Page!)

UNIT I LEARNING GOALS -- At the conclusion of this part of the introductory unit, I will be able to:

0) effectively navigate Mr W's Website inside (or outside) of Schoology

1) be able to upload daily work sorts of files, links and images to our class submission form

2) contribute to your classroom discussion page

3) quickly & easily find your way to our ZOOM classroom

4) know your group number and the other members of your group

5) have a working understanding of how Mr W runs this physics class including my grading policies

6) have a working understanding of Mr W.

7) determine the appropriate number of significant figures in a mathematical expression

8) demonstrate ability to convert between data types using 'railroad tracks' methodology



Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep

and Radar Cannot Find Them

They'll all (face to face)

Meet in parallel Space

Preceding Their Leaders Behind them