UNIT 0 - Introduction to Physics

EXPECTATIONS -- Before we start this unit you should:

  • Relax - some of the introduction topics listed below are items that you'll know, some of them you won't. That's ok... roll with it and take your time.

  • Be ready to work with your group. The VERY BEST source of help and problem solving is with other members of your group.

UNIT I LEARNING GOALS -- At the conclusion of this part of the unit, I will be able to:

0) demonstrate my ability to write thoughtfully

1) demonstrate the proper use of significant figures (sig figs).

2) demonstrate understanding of vectors, vector math and vector diagrams.

3) use basic trig functions sine, cosine & tangent and their inverse functions

4) demonstrate proficiency at unit conversions using 'railroad tracks' methodology



At the end of this unit I will be able to:

  • Determine the appropriate number of significant figures in a mathematical expression
  • Demonstrate the appropriate use of sig figs in mathematical calculations
  • Demonstrate a mastery of scientific notation (including estimating)
  • Demonstrate use of trigonometry in problem solving
  • Demonstrate ability to convert between data types using 'railroad tracks' method

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