Final Team Project


The goal for the final team project is to showcase the skills you have developed to successfully design and write a software project as a team.

Additionally, we will continue to PRACTICE those 'soft skills' of communicating and interacting with our team to try to ensure our team works together as well as possible.

Team Building Skills:

Let's work to identify two individuals who will help push our project forward for the next week or so.

Make a double-extra-effort to participate in a thoughtful, meaningful way

Make a double-extra-effort to be respectful of other opinions... most especially when you disagree with them

Project Development:

Be prepared to identify your team project in detail.

Be prepared to identify YOUR role on your team in profound detail including screen sketches and initial function prototypes.

Rubric (weighted at 1.5) :

Group dynamics - are you working to further the efforts of your team (I'll observe)?
3 pts
Functions are defined as a global functions and can be exported to your group
3 pts
Function accepts at least one argument
3 pts
Function reports one (and only one) value back to the main menu program
3 pts
Most variables are declared local using 'script variables' and global variables are used only when no other options (aside from broadcast and such of course) are practical.
3 pts
You show appropriate "Goldilocks" programming style. Your code is neither too verbose (much TOO long and cluttered) and not too brief (only bare bones!)
3 pts
Your code succeeds! Your group overall may have issues with integration or performance or actually working, but your code is compact and does what is required to do.
3 pts
Function interacts seamlessly with the main menu
3 pts
Function includes appropriate (remember GOLDILOCKS, always!) comments
3 pts
You demonstrate your ability to integrate your function with your team sending me ONE copy of your team's project as an .XML attachment. (Be sure to make sure I have it!)
3 pts