Team Project Rubrics


The goal for the basic team project is to start to develop skills necessary for successfully designing and writing a software project as a team.

We are NOT trying to develop a cool program.

Team Building Skills:

Alternate having different LEADs. The lead is responsible for guiding the conversation and the design effort for that day.

Other team members need to work to respect the team lead and to defer to that person's suggestions.

Make a double-extra-effort to participate in a thoughtful, meaningful way

Make a double-extra-effort to be respectful of other opinions... most especially when you disagree with them

Menu Design:

Work with your group to design a common menu structure for all team members to use

Include functions to calculate circumference, area (of a circle) or the volume of a sphere

Include one or more error trapping functions to ensure the program doesn't crash when inaccurate data is entered by the user

Indvidual Function:

The function MUST be defined as a global function in order to exported out as an xml file

Must accept at least one argument

Must report one (and only one) parameter

All variables must be declared local using 'script variables'

Must interact seemlessly with the main menu

Must include appropriate comments (again, our goldilocks principle applies here... not too many comments, and certainly not too few. Additionally, each comment should be appropriately structured so that it does not offer too much detail and at the same time is not too brief)


Function is defined as a global function and can be exported to your group
2 pts
Function accepts at least one argument
2 pts
Function reports one (and only one) value back to the main menu program
2 pts
All variables are declared local using 'script variables'
2 pts
Function interacts seemlessly with the main menu
2 pts
Function includes appropriate (remember GOLDILOCKS, always!) comments
2 pts