Submitting a SNAP Cloud Project or TEST Question


To save a SNAP project or a test question you have to export your work to an xml (eXtensible Markup Language) document:

1)  When you first start SNAP, log in by clicking the cloud icon, then click Login:


2)  Next, when you’ve completed ALL OF your work on a project, you’ll need to EXPORT it to an XML file.  Click on the paper icon, then click Export project and follow the steps below:

On the next screen, make sure Cloud is selected on the left side.  Pick a good name for
3) Notice that a file is created and displayed in the lower left corner of your screen (if you're using a Macintosh you'll have to go to your downloads forlder):

4) Open that file by double clicking on it. You'll see what looks like a whole lot of gibberish:elect the Share button.

4) This part gets a tad bit tricky: You MUST select the entire guts of the file.

I find it easiest to click inside the document and type (ctrl-A) or choose "Select ALL" from the edit menu and then paste it AS PLAIN TEXT by doing a right mouse click and selecting "As Plain Text" into our course submission area on Google Docs HERE..