Observation Plan


Project: Create a viewing plan for an astronomical object that is in "good viewing" above GiG Harbor *sometime* on the night of your 21st birthday.

  • You may NOT choose a star.
  • Your object MUST be outside of our solar system
  • You may NOT choose M31 (The Andromeda Galaxy)

Your Observation Plan MUST include:


    1. A title page to include your
    • Name
    • Class Period
    • The Common Name (if any) of the Object you plan to observe (for example "The Andromeda Galaxy")
    • The Catalog Name of the Object you Plan to observe (M31 or NGC 224)
    • The Type of object you plan to observe.
    • The magnitude of your object
    • The coordinates of your object in Right Ascension & Declination
    • the Date of your planned observation
    • The Sidertial Time when you plan to observe your object
    • the Date you completed your plan

    Your observation plan must also include:

    If you haven't already, please consult my *thoughtful* writing guide BEFORE you submit your plan.

    1. Using full sentences, state why the object is in the correct position in the sky to observe.
    2. Using full sentences, state potential problems that could occur in your observation.
    3. Using full sentences, state one possible workaround if that problem actually does occur.
    4. Is the moon going to influence your observation? (use full sentences to explain the degree to which the moon will impact your observations and why it will or will not do so)
    5. To what degree is weather an issue to your observation?
    6. To what extent does the magnitude of your object influence your observation?
    7. If you haven't already, please consult my *thoughtful* writing guide BEFORE you submit your plan.


Helpful Links:

Steallarium webs site is here:

Moon calendar is here (there are also very cool moon calendars available for Android and Apple). Also, keep in mind that just because the moon is up does NOT necessarily mean you can't observe.... why?

DeKalb Observatory web site is here