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Basic Starter Page with images stored in 'images' folder (html page) (text)
Basic Starter Page w/Changed logo cell background set to black (html page) (text)
Basic Starter Page w page text set to black and text size to 30 using basic css (html page) (text)
Basic Starter Page w/ link to an image in the image folder (html page) (text)

Html provides a way to work interactively with users. Before any of those options can be used, you MUST define a region of your page as an html form (see combo box example)

There are a number of standard tools provided to work interactively with your users (after you define a 'form'):

Check Boxes - Usually used to allow users to select one or more choices from a list):

Try clicking on and off various options

Radio Buttons Usually used to allow users to select one (and only one) option from multiple choices

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

How To Code a Combo Box
Creating a combo box step #1 adding a form (html) (text)

Creating a combo box step #2 adding the combo box and links (html) (text)

Note1: Notice the addition of a wee bit o' js here... <it's kinda cool>

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