Please make sure to select your screen capture software (a couple suggestions are below) and have your program topic firmly selected when you arrive in class on Wednesday @ 12:30 (see calendar!)

Here are the written scoring guidelines (They are pretty difficult to read much less to apply to your work and I would just take a quick read on those at most)

The GOOD NEWS is the AP has several step-by-step videos on understanding the scoring, sample scoring of an actual student work, and nuts and bolts on creating files, video capturing your code and other such stuff!

MAKE SURE TO WATCH THESE (multiple times!)

General Scoring Explained HERE

Scoring Sample #1 Step-by-Step grading of an actual student sample. This is basically what I did the first semester with the Explore Task.

Nuts & Bolts: How to capture computer code and video your program, which files to save, how to submit your profile and related sorts of things. MAKE SURE TO WATCH THIS AS YOU DO EACH STEP.


Video Capture Software:

Screencastify - I have colleagues who use this and like it a lot

Screen-Cast-O-Matic - I don't know anything about this one


Help Understanding Abstraction:

  • HERE is what the AP says about abstraction generally (you'll need to do a ctrl-f search on "abstract" or "abstraction" to find the 3 or 4 good parts)

  • HERE's what has to say about abstraction