Trouble Shooting AP Submittals

<From an email from the AP to Dave Burmark>

Hello Dave,

I wanted to share some helpful tips based on the most common questions I’ve received. Feel free to share the below information with your AP community to help mitigate technical issues for students.

  • AP 2020 Trouble Shooting Tips (Highly recommend that you share this with your students) - Outdated browsers can cause testing errors. This link provides some great troubleshooting tips and actions students can take.


  • Accessing E-Tickets - Students should access their e-ticket through the email that was sent to them. If your student is accessing their e-ticket from their MyAP account, I recommend that they do this the night before and save their e-ticket. In the event they have trouble accessing their ticket through MyAP, refreshing the home page will help.
  • Submitting Responses/How do I know if I’ve successfully submitted a response?
    • When a student finishes the exam and their submission has been received, they will see a screen that says “Congratulations, Your Exam is Complete.”
    • When a student finishes the exam, but their submission has not been properly uploaded, they'll see a message that says, “We Did Not Receive Your Responses (s).” In this case, students can request a makeup at
    • In a limited number of cases, a student's response may be successfully uploaded, but their file can’t be accepted for scoring (for example, due to a virus). When this happens, the student will receive an email from us letting them know about the issue, and that they'll automatically receive an e-ticket for the makeup exam.


  • Can students submit a PDF of their handwritten work? Yes, so long as they combine all photos of their handwritten response into a single PDF for that question.

Important: Once photos of their handwritten work are saved as a PDF, they are no longer considered photos by the system, but documents: PDFs are document files, not image files. So when the timer reaches 5 minutes remaining, the student must click the “Attach Response” button within the exam and then select “Attach Text File” to locate their saved PDF, rather than the “Attach Photos” button.

  • Can student submit an HEIC file of a photo of their handwritten work? Recent iPhones and iPads save photos as HEIC files. HEIC photo files can’t be submitted “as is” in the online exam. They must be converted to an accepted file format. Here are two ways students can do that:
    • Update their Apple device settings before the exam so that their photos will be saved as .jpeg files: Settings > Camera > Formats > Select “Most Compatible” OR
    • Resave the HEIC file as an accepted file format: the easiest way to convert an HEIC file is for students to email it to themselves using the iPhone or iPad Mail app. The attached image will automatically be converted to a JPEG.


Thanks for all you are doing to support your students, families and teachers. We made it through day 3!

Mikael Taylor Assistant Director, K-12
State and District Partnerships