During this project you'll work to combine your imagination with research about one of the most amazing airplanes to ever carry passengers-- the Boeing 314 Flying Boat.

One of the most FAMOUS routes flown by that plane was by Pan American Airlines (they don't exist anymore!) who flew from San Francisco, to Hawaii and various small islands all the way across the Pacific Ocean to the Philippine Islands and then to China!

Let's pretend the year is 1939:

  • World War II hasn't yet started in the Pacific but DOES start in Europe in September of that year.
  • It currently takes about a month to cross the Pacific Ocean on an Ocean Liner
  • The Great Depression is happening and millions of people in the US and around the world are without work.
  • Pan AM Airlines has a way to cross the Pacific Ocean on one of their amazing Boeing 314 aircraft in only 7 or 8 days and it is REALLY, REALLY expensive.

Your favorite Aunt Marian and Uncle Indy are taking you on an amazing, once in a lifetime trip on the Pan Am Clipper (Boeing 314) all the way across the Pacific Ocean.


Here's the schedule (it can be kind of hard to read, but we'll talk about that soon)

Using your imagination and frequent conversations with you're group please research and complete the following tasks using Google Slides.



Please have fun with this and don't treat this as a series of tasks to do, but more like guidelines to help your imagination!

Just completing the following tasks gets you to a 'good enough' grade (C+/B- or so). I'm asking that you add a bit of personality to EACH SLIDE (that can be difficult on a few of them, but just a little bit of effort will go a LONG way)


We'll work to do 1 - 2 slides every day. I'll be checking your progress on google slides so make sure to drop the URL for that on our classroom submission page HERE

Slide #1 Costs

Slide #2 Technical Specs

Slide #3 Flight Experiences

Slide #4 Destination

Slide #5 Route

Slide #6 End of an Era

Slide #7 Final Diary


Please cut & paste a link to the URL of websites that you used at the bottom of EACH slide (make sure those links are "Live" because I WILL check!)

It's just fine if those links go on to the next page







The Actual Flying Boat used in Raiders of the Lost Ark is HERE

PAN AM Flying Boat Page

Flying Boat Interiors are HERE

"The First Transpacific Flight" Smithsonian

PAN AM Historical Foundation

The Flying Clippers

Aviation History Online Museum



Manila Nostalgia

Honolulu in the 1930's

Midway and Wake Island in the 1930's (video)

San Francisco in the 1930's (video)

"Old Shanghai" in the 1930's (video)

1936 Hollywood Movie (with Humph Bogart!) "China Clipper" Video Clip



Cost of Living Calculator

Sears Roebuck Catalog

People History - A great source for pop culture, costs and other interesting tid bits


Please cut & paste the URL of websites that you used at the bottom of EACH slide (make sure those links are "Live" because I WILL check!