Much like our earlier "Most Significant Aircraft" project earlier this semester, your first job is to choose either a rocket OR a space probe that you think is “Particularly Significant” in some way, shape or form at some point from 1959 to the present day.

Like before, “Particularly significant” is certainly open to interpretation so remember, your job is to make a persuasive argument WHY that rocket or probe is so significant.

You'll need to:

  1. Make a claim as to which rocket or probe is particularly significant
  2. Back that claim up with substantial evidence
  3. Explain your reasoning
  4. I'm going to make this a bit more interesting and say that yes, you can do Apollo or the Soviet Union's flight that put the first human into orbit or the American effort that put John Glen in orbit, but if you choose any of those, you lose the chance for bonus(!) creativity points (+2)


If you choose to do a presentation, the previous rules still apply:

I will be timing your presentation so please practice, practice, practice.... Think Goldilocks. If your presentation is going too long (over 7:00 minutes and I start getting antsy), I'll have you stop.

If your project goes too short, you run the risk of failing (generally speaking anything less than 2:30 will fail you. Anything close to 2:30 will mark you down)

Text is your ENEMY. The more text you splash on the screen, the lower your grade will be. Putting a paragraph on the screen and having your audience read along with you is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

If you are uncomfortable talking in front of the room, solicit opinions from our classmates, have them do some sort of (brief) analysis, or have them turn-and-talk about some feature of or relating to your aircraft (be CAREFUL with this)

If you'd rather not present (afterall, we did one of those already), your job is to turn in some sort of written 'presentation' that fullfills the same requirements. In otherwords it should take me approximately 5 minutes to evaluate your written/visual presentation.

Check List/Rubric:

The basic argument for a 'game changing rocket or probe' is clear and obvious (3 pt)

The argument is well supported with with mulitple images & information from quality sites and sources. (5 pts)

The argument is persuasive (5 pts)

Argument is presented in the appropriate time (~5:00 min, HOWEVER anything under 2:30 FAILS) (3 pts)

The presentation is easily heard throughout the room (3 pts) or in the alternative, the written, drawn or recorded presentation is visually captivating and shows clear attention to detail that adds interest and information to the presentation.

The argument is presented with few (or any) distractions (3 pts) or in the alternative, the the written, drawn or recorded presentation is logically and appropriately presented in appropriate detail in a manner that adds interest and information to the presentation.

Cite Your Sources!

BONUS: Possible +2 points for either being extra creative and non-high school standard (read: powerpoint-ish) (+1) and choosing a topic that is NOT one of the BIG 3 listed above (+1)