Rockets 06


Take 5 minutes (you'll probably need to bust out your forbidden electronic devices) to list one significant rocket launches made by the United States, The European Space Agency (ESA), Russia (including the Soviets), China, Japan or India.

If you divide and conquer it'll go faster.

Did I miss any countries in my list? You decide.

LEARNING GOAL FOR TODAY: I will gain a substantial understanding of the width and bredth of space rocket launches made during the last 50 years during today's class.




Take a gander at this article (from 2014)... do you agree with their premise?

While we're at it, please do a wolgemuthian skim of this article (last updated this month) and characterize the current state of affairs for the SLS (Space Launch System)


We'll brute force it a bit today.... Please take an 11 x 17 piece of paper for each person in your group.

Make a list of ALL the series launches made by ALL of the countries listed above that have sent a rocket outside of Earth orbit (that rules out ALL sattelite launches)

PLEASE DON'T BE LAZY and use wikipedia. You can start there to get an idea of what's what, but ALL references should be from the country of origin space agency websites.

Be sure and include the following:

  • The country of orgin AND launch site for the series (if there was only one rocket for the series, comment on that)
  • The date range for the series
  • The size of the rockets used in terms of lifting power (payload or
  • The reason/purpose for the series
  • The destination for the series (low earth orbit, high earth orbit, moon, Mars etc...)