SUB: Please distribute chrome book computers to each student and have them sign out as you do so (they know the drill!)

Pleast have students continue working on their Rocketry Presentations -- they should have them done in about 20 minutes or so (please allow more time if needed)

Now please allow students 5 - 10 minutes to rehearse their presentations.

Then please RANDOMLY select (don't accept volunteers please) one person from group #1 to come up and present that group's slides.

As group #1 presents, please have the rest of the class take notes on that presentation.

After the group #1 presenter is done, please have them rejoin their group.

Now please randomly select one member of each of the OTHER groups to ask *thoughtful* questions about the presentation or related topics. Once selected, a person MUST ask a question. No "I dunnos" or "I don't have any questions" are allowed (However they may consult with their group to formulate a question if needed)

ALL group #1 members are eligible to respond.

Once again, please prompt, encourage, demand, require, request or otherwise facilitate THOUGHTFUL questions and responses. Single word responses, shrugs, "I dunno's" should be met with great consternation!!!

After one person from all other groups has asked a question, please open the floor for additional questions or comments from any group (including group #1)

Now go to Groups #2, 3, 4 & 5 and repeat the process