Projects 01

OPENING QUESTION: Airplane wings are not solid.

Suggest two reasons why that is true.


LEARNING GOAL FOR TODAY: I will research aircrafter internal supports during today's class.

WORD O' THE DAY: Tetrahedron: A "triangular pyramid"



Take a gander at the image above.... In what dimensions/orientations/direction is that object strongest?

Now please take a look at a schematic of our baby:

Since ya'all have young, powerful eyes... scan that schematic to see if you can find examples of a tedtrahedron present there.

Have a conversation with your group and suggest what purpose those shapes serve there.

Now let's do a gentle dive into the world of aircraft manufacturing. Bust out your chromie and see if you can find OTHER planes that use tetrahedrons or other SIMILAR shapes in their construction..

Consider taking a look at our schematics page HERE

Create a fairly basic 1 slide Google Slide document that shows:

1) The type of plane (name & manufacturer)

2) When it was constructed

3) The material used to construct that tetrahedron

4) Make sure that I can read that slide

5) Drop a link to your slide in our class submission form HERE (make sure I have read/write permission!)