1. Your tasque: Work with your group to design and build a hot air balloon!
Rubric: Design & Build (3 pts total)
  • Describe the design and build process your group undertook to create your balloon (2 paragraphs please)
Data and Calculations: (3 pts total)
  • Show calculations for the approximate VOLUME of hot air inside your balloon
  • Estimate the height your balloon reached
  • Describe the flight of your balloon (1 paragraph please)


  • Describe the physics responsible for the flight of your balloon as it:
    • moved vertically (3 pts total)
    • moved horizontally (3 pts total)
  • HINT: Best answers will reach for more than (The balloon went sideways because of the wind)

3 pts for each section that is clear and accurate

  • -1 for being unclear
  • -1 for being inaccurate
  • -1 for being too brief