Experimental Aircraft 05



Last week we saw that really scary video of a 747 stalling and crashing in Afghanistan.

Take a few moments to work with your group and sketch the forces acting on an aircraft when it 'stalls'.

SUB: Please open another webrowser tab and open the classroom 'randomizer' (students can assist) and pick on several students to answer the opening question. Please make sure students write and respond in full sentences.

LEARNING TARGET: I will be able to explain why a jet aircraft stalls during today's class.


I KNOW that I promised you a test on Tuesday, but I really wanted to talk about this experimental aircraft first. So let's move the test to Thursday instead.


SUB- Please step through the following items. Please make sure to click on all relevent links. Also, students CAN use their forbidden electronic devices if you are comfortable with that.

Let's take a gander at a couple of amazing aircraft built by Burt Rutan (He is the famous aeronautical engineer who also designed and built the VOYAGER).

He is widely regarded as one of the most innovative aircraft engineers of the 20th century


There is a lot of junk/click-bait on this slide show (sorry) but please take a look at that anyway. It gives a good background on an astounding aircraft engineer.

Rutan developed one of the most innovative aircraft of the 20th century, the VariEze. It was sold it kit form and was very popular in the 1970's and 80's.

Take a look:

Take a look at the following diagram.

Take a few moments to work with your group to 'digest' this diagram. In otherwords, try to figure out what made this aircraft so special.

Some of these terms are a bit technical so yes, you may use you forbidden electric devices to look up terms and ideas.

Now please work with your group to make a sketch of this aircraft. Show how the forces acting on this plane actually make it virtually impossible to stall (please...everyone should sketch, I don't want one person sketching and several people helping)


Tomrrow we'll take a look at the WHITE KNIGHT --- the space ship Rutan developed for billionaires Paul Allen and Sir Richard Branson

This plane takes SPACESHIP ONE into almost orbit--

Let's discuss