Your first job is to choose an aircraft that you think is “most significant” in some way, shape or form at some point in the 20th Century (1900 – 1999).

Note the term "aircraft". Although we've only talked about airplanes so far, you are welcome to look at Zeppelins, blimps, helicopters or other sorts of human mad objects that fly (please no gliders!) under their own power.

Most significant” is certainly open to interpretation so be thinking about WHY that plane was so important.  It might be how fast it went, how far it or a particularly interesting design.  It might be significant for a decade or a type of plane…whatever.

You need to present an approximately 5 minute persuasive presentation in which you work to provide evidence to support your claim as to why the aircraft you chose was “most significant.

Please keep in mind this is NOT simply an opportunity to recite facts and figures about your chosen aircraft, you need to work to support your opinion.  Keep in mind that other students in the class have different opinions, also, you’ll have to defend your choice in a question and answer session with your colleagues in the class.


I will be timing your presentation so please practice, practice, practice.... Think Goldilocks. If your presentation is going too long (over 7:00 minutes and I start getting antsy), I'll have you stop.

If your project goes too short, you run the risk of failing (generally speaking anything less than 2:30 will fail you. Anything close to 2:30 will mark you down)

Text is your ENEMY. Please, Please, Please, no more than 10 words per slide.

Also, copying and pasting is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

If you are uncomfortable talking in front of the room, solicit opinions from our classmates, have them do some sort of (brief) analysis, or have them turn-and-talk about some feature of or relating to your aircraft (be CAREFUL with this)

Check List/Rubric:

The basic argument for a 'game changing aircraft' is clear and obvious (3 pt)

The argument is well supported with images & information (5 pts)

The argument is persuasive (5 pts)

Argument is presented in the appropriate time (~5:00 min, HOWEVER anything under 2:30 FAILS) (3 pts)

The presentation is easily heard throughout the room (3 pts)

The argument is presented with few (or any) distractions (3 pts):