AeroSpace 04 (Flying Boats Part II)

OPENING QUESTION:  Structurally speaking, what is it about flying boats that put them at such a *disadvantage* compared to long range land-based aircraft (especially after WWII)

LEARNING GOAL FOR TODAY: I will be able to describe the evolution of flying boats before WWII during today's class.


  • Flying Boat
  • Spruce Goose


Let's get our last coupla presenters presenting forthwith!


Now please have a conversation about flying boats - What do you know about them so far?


On the slips I handed out, please write down two or three words to describe flying boats.

Now please put those in order on your desk in some sort of way that makes sense to your group (oh and please do so in a way so that NO ONE has to look at those upside down!)

Let's discuss...


End of an Era -- Flying Boats is HERE

Imagine it is 1939 and your Uncle Indy and Aunt Marian are going to pay for you to fly across the Pacific...Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the "ACROSS THE PACIFIC DIARY" project