Introductio to AeroSpace 03e

OPENING QUESTION:  Please tell the person sitting next to you the plane you *THINK* will be the basis for your PERSUASTIVE ARGUMENT presentation

LEARNING GOAL FOR TODAY: I will be able to name all of the airplanes listed on today's website after today's class.


  • Thurst ("forward pushing force")
  • Air Friction ("resists forward motion")
  • Lift ("Lower pressure, upward pull")
  • Gravity ("downward pull")




SUBSTITUTE: Please review specifications/requirements for student persuasive argument presentations



SUBSTITUTE: Please make a run VERY QUICK RUN through the following images. Have students ponder each image for 15 seconds or so and then shout out the name of the plane

NOTE: You can highlight the space after the image number to show the name of the aircraft. Please have students suggest, guess or otherwise shout out what the name of the aircraft is FIRST (before they discuss whether it was a game changer or not)

#1 Boeing 747-400

#2 Boeing 727

#3 Concorde

#4 F4

#5 Cessna

#6 Boeing 707

#7 Messerschmitt Me 262

#8 Sopweth Camel

#9 Write Brother Flier

#10 Spirt of St Louis

#11 Mustang

#12 Boeing Flying Boat

SUBSTITUTE: Now please have students research their aircraft (I haven't told them WHEN their presentations will be, so if they ask, you can honestly say that you don't' know :)..... They can use the machine on my back desk or the Ipad at the front of the room too (pw: 8647)