Introduction to AeroSpace

OPENING QUESTION:  Why do we use the term AEROspace to describe this class?

LEARNING GOAL FOR TODAY: I will work with my group to create a timeline of the 20th century.

I will work with my group to place various airplanes in context to the years they were built.




Please send one of your crew over to the corner and carve off a (about) a 5 foot section of butcher paper (it should be just smaller than the length of your table).

Send someone else over to my color pencil collection and grab one color for each member of your team (notice the red/blue/green/orange color dots on your tables. Grab one color pencil to match each of those)

Now do that again so that you have two!

Now please work with your group to divide each paper into decades (1900 - 1940's on one sheet, 1950's - 1990's on the second sheet).

Now please open your chromies and find SIGNIFICANT/IMPORTANT that occurred during each decade and write them down using your own color pencil.