Introduction to AeroSpace

OPENING QUESTION:  Why do we use the term AEROspace to describe this class?





Let's get kinda space-ish but in a rock and roll science fixiony way. Although real, actual space travel is probably many generations away, it does pose some very interesting possibilities.

Did anyone notice (on my website I mean), what my favorite song (by Queen!) might be? (and no, it's not Bohemian Rhapsody, although that is a pretty awesome song):

We'll listen to it once just to listen.

Then we'll listen once for the lyrics:


In the year of '39 assembled here the volunteers
In the days when lands were few
Here the ship sailed out into the blue and sunny morn
The sweetest sight ever seen

And the night followed day
And the story tellers say
That the score brave souls inside
For many a lonely day sailed across the milky seas
Ne'er looked back, never feared, never cried

Don't you hear my call though you're many years away
Don't you hear me calling you
Write your letters in the sand
For the day I take your hand
In the land that our grandchildren knew

In the year of '39 came a ship in from the blue
The volunteers came home that day
And they bring good news of a world so newly born
Though their hearts so heavily weigh
For the earth is old and grey, little darling, we'll away
But my love this cannot be
For so many years have gone though I'm older but a year
Your mother's eyes, from your eyes, cry to me

Don't you hear my call though you're many years away
Don't you hear me calling you
Write your letters in the sand for the day I take your hand
In the land that our grandchildren knew

Don't you hear my call though you're many years away
Don't you hear me calling you
All your letters in the sand cannot heal me like your hand
For my life
Still ahead
Pity me

It just MIGHT be helpful to know a bit more about Brian May (he's the lead guitarist in the group).... anyone have any thoughts?

(If you said that he has an honest to goodness PHD in ASTROPHYSICS you'd be right! He actually went to school to study astronomy and got a MASTERS degree just before Queen hit it big. He went BACK to college as a 60 year old and finished his doctorate in Astrophysics!!!.

With that in mind, grab one of the little strips I gave you, and right down a couple of words or a phrase from the song that interests you or seems thought provking in some sort of way.

Now please work with your group and sort those strips (in any sorta way that seems interesting).


A 30 minute view of aerospace:

Brothers in Paris -- Why isn't their balloon flight considered "flying" ?
The Wright Brothers - Kitty Hawk North Carolina, 1903. Why were the Write Brothers sooooo secretive about that work?
And within only a dozen or so years later we had warplanes:
Charles Lindberg became an international hero in 1927 by flying across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St Louis (He also won a $25,000 prize - worth over $300,000 today)
For the first few years of World War II, The Mitsubishi "Zero" was the dominant fighter plane in the Pacific until about 1944
Meanwhile the Germans introduced the first Jet Fighter in 1944

Keep in mind, the Germans were at the very forefront of science and engineering from about 1900 through World War II: Gotha Go 229 (This 1000 x 1000 x 1000 aircraft never flew - 1000 km range carrying 1000kg of bombs at a speed of 1000 km/hr.

Notice the similarity to the 1990's era B2 Bomber

The Post WWII years lead to a tremendous growth in military and civilian aircraft design:
The American military developed a flying saucer (it sorta kinda flew, but not really)
The experimental flying wing from the 1950's
The 1950's saw a huge amount of development for jets flying higher and faster. The X15 was more rocket than plane when it broke the sound barrier
One of the most astounding accomplishments in all of aviation rolled out of the super secret "Skunk Works" plant in Southern California in the early 1960's. The SR-71 flew higher and faster than any other known plane in history. The exact height and highest speed it achieved remain classified to this day. We know it flew at least 3.5 times the speed of sound to altitudes of at least 85,000 feet.
Meanwhile in commercial aviation, the Boeing 707 was a game-changer -- allowing transcontinental trips. For example: Seattle to Honolulu in only 5 hours!
Followed a dozen years later by the Boeing 747 -- another huge innovation carrying more passengers farther and faster!
The Douglas Corporation tried to keep up with the DC-10
While Lockheed Corp made a weak entry with the L-1011
The Failure of the DC-10 and the Lockheed L-1011 were major reasons why those who corporations don't make consumer airliners anymore. In fact, the Douglas Corp merged with McDonnell to make McDonnell Douglas, which then merged with Boeing in the 1990's