Aerospace - Intro 00 Part 2

OPENING QUESTION:  None Today (theme)


  • Second Day Stuff



Now please bust out your chromie and let's try an online scavenger-type hunt through my website.... that is the VERY best source of information on our class and it's REALLY important you know what's there.

To wit: Work with your group to find the following:

Please list three significant aspects of my grading style (everyone MUST do this one individually)

Now please work on dividing and conquering the following items in your group

  • Where did I go to college? What did I study there?

  • What is name of our second unit?

  • Years ago I spent 6 weeks going through southern Africa, what countries did I visit?

  • When is our first major test scheduled?

  • Thoughtful writing is a most excellent skill to develop throughout your scholastic career. Describe a most excellent aspect to writing thoughtfully as indicated in one of the resources on my site.

  • From time to time we'll talk about stress, mental health and other wellness issues throughout the year, what is the title of the second "Guided Meditation" listed on my site?