Aerospace - Intro 00



  • First Day Stuff


  • Let's get into groups -- please order yourselves into a line based on the month you were born and the day of your birth. For example, Mr W was born on May 16th. Therefore my number is 0516... go!
  • Now let's get into our groups based on that randomization (we'll stay in groups for each unit-- 4 - 6 weeks or so)
  • Please take a few moments to introduce yourself to your groupies
  • Now please share one thing you did over the summer that (right here and right now) makes you smile when you think about it... yeah, yeah, I know, but do it anyway!
  • Let's take a moment... I'll randomly call on a few of us to share what OTHER folks in your group came up with.

Basic Class Rules: (We'll talk about these another time)

    • Show Respect
    • Make GOOD Decisions
    • Solve the Problem


Allow me to introduce myself -- I'm Mr Wolgemuth (wall-guh-MOOTH) etc ad nauseum