AEROSPACE UNIT 1- Introduction to Aerospace


I will be able to identify significant aircraft from each decade of the 20th century by site during this unit.

I will be able to explain why that aircraft is significant and identify world events that contributed to that aircraft's construction.

I will create a persuasive presentation for an aircraft I consider a "Game Changer" for aviation in the 20th century.
I will be able to sketch, label and describe the four basic forces acting on an airplane during take-off, level flight and landing.

I will be able to relate the design conditions that led to the crashes of the Boeing 737 Max

I will be able to relate the resulting flying conditions that resulted in the crash of the Boeing 737 Max
I will be able to sketch and build a model for the basic control systems of an aircraft to include rudder, hydraulics, cables, elevator & ailerons
I will create a comprehensive diary of an "Across the Pacific" flight on the Pan Am "China Clipper" as if I was actually present on that voyage.

Little Bo-Peep Has Lost Her Sheep

And Radar Cannot Find Them

They'll All (face-to-face)

Meet in Parallel Space

Preceding Their Leaders

Behind Them