Instructor: Mr. Wolgemuth

Course Description: 

A very big part of my teaching philosophy involves bringing in outside, real world questions, problems and discussions into my classroom. Accordingly, I have my students express their own reactions and interpretations to those topics in an exhilirating yet supportive environment.   

Required Materials:  Composition notebook, graph paper, pencils, pens, a periodic table

Grading Policy:  Grades are based on labs, tests and quizes only. Click here to see my grading policy in detail.

Class Rules: Show Respect. Make Good Decisions. Solve the Problem. Click here to see these rules explained in more detial. 

Note-Taking and Class Participation:   I expect every student to actively participate in class, taking notes, and working through example problems. 

Active participation includes asking and answering questions during class discussions. 

You may not work on assignments from other classes during science class unless you ask me first and I say that you can.  ==> Afterall I would not expect you to work on science in any of your other classes.  During laboratory experiments, each student must contribute to the lab group's success.

There once was a lady named bright

Who Travelled far faster than light

She set out one day

In a relative way

And came back the previous night!