Next Generation Science Standards -- These are the brand new standards being adopted by MOST states in the country. They are very comprehensive and we are excited to implement them. Please be careful though, they can seem a bit overwhelming.

Mr W's periodic table

(color pdf)     (color ms word)

For a higher contrast version that prints better in black and white try one of these:  (pdf)     (ms word)

The periodic table comes in many, many different flavors.  I heavily edited this version to make sure that significan figures and potential ions are uniform. Please use this copy, and only this copy for work in our class.

Here's a version that prints better in B/W (pdf) (ms word)

Safety Contract You need to have this filled out and signed before you can take part in lab assignments
Labs are an essential part of our science course. Click on the link to go to our labs home page
Here are the guidelines to writing your Current Science Report due for each unit based on the topic for that unit
Basic Course Type Documents
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Little Bo Peep Has Lost Her Sheep

And Radar Cannot Find Them

They'll all (Face-to-Face)

Meet in parallel Space

Preceding Their Leaders Behind Them