Time Traveler's Log PROJECT DESCRIPTION Grading Rubric

Presentation Rubric is HERE

Exceeds  Standard

Meets Standard

Below Standard

Not Present

Project description is formatted correctly using 12 pt Times New Roman Font, 1 inch margins and is double spaced (please see me if you don't know how to do these)

(2 pts)

Project description is formatted but not as required.

(1 pts)

Formatting is random or absent.

(0 pts)

Project description is 1 quality paragraph (4-5 quality sentences) and clearly describes your topic era and how you will present

(4 pts)

Project description a bit short, a bit long but still describes your topic area and how you will present

(2 - 3 pts)

Paragraph description is present but does not adequately describe your topic era or how you will present.

( 1 pt)

Paragraph of interests is absent

(0 pts)

3 acceptable reference sources are listed (anything with a .edu, .gov, museum sites or appropriate journals)

(4 pts)

3 potential sources are listed but include 1 from an unacceptable source such as Wikipedia

(2 - 3 pts)

Only 2 sources are listed or 2 sources are inappropriate (Wikipedia, etc)

( 1 pt)

1 or no sources are listed or 3 or more sources are inappropriate

(0 pts)

Presentation is clearly original AND creative (Beware of Power Point)

(3 - 4 pts)

Presentation is fairly average high school work-- stand and deliver with little or no creativity

(1 - 2 pts)

Presentation is copied or inappropriate

(0 pts)