LABQUEST Data aquisition devices

Each student will be assigned their own Labquestion to use for the entire session. Learning to use that device is an integral part of this class and as such, each student is expected to master the use of that device.

At the end of the course, each students should be able to:

  1. Navigate through the various screens of the device
  2. Change units displayed on the device (from degrees fahrenheit to degrees celsius to Kelvins, for example)
  3. Change data probes and take data using:
    • Temperature Probe (measured in degrees C or kelvins)
    • Light Intensity Probe (measured in watts/m2)
    • Force probe (to measure soil firmness -- measured in newtons)
    • Atmospheric CO2 Probe (measured in parts per million)
    • Atmospheric pressure (measured in mm of mercury, atmospheres, pounds per square inch or kilopascals)

Each student will be given a short 5 point practicum quiz during the last week of class. During that quiz, each student will demonstrated the following skills:

1) Turning on and off the device

2) Attaching a specific probe as requested by the instructor

3) Take a specified data measurement

4) Change unit measurement from one unit to another

5) Show data recorded over time graphically on the device

The quiz will be scored 1 pt for each sucessfully completed task


 HP Mini Computer Laptop Computer

Each student will be assigned a HP mini laptop computer. We have an outstanding opportunity to integrate laptop technology into our coursework and we will take FULL advantage of that.

  • Students will learn how to use the HP Minis to access the school wireless network
  • Students will learn how to integrate laptop technology seemlessly with classroom direction (including how to avoid distractions!)