Penrose Park Field Notes


  • Remember, write THOUGHTFULLY--- Always
  • That includes always using IQIA

Part 1)  Sketch and Label the Penrose Park location generally-- that is to say describe the various parts of the beach, the inter-tidal, and the Puget Sound. Your description should be appropriate so that someone who has never seen the beach can view the physical layout of ALL parts of the beach where we worked/observed (5 pts)

Part 2)  Describe in detail the plant AND animal species that you personally picked up and/or observed closely (use the names if you know them, but still describe the plants and animals regardless) (5 pts). 

Part 3) Describe in one paragraph (3 - 5 thoughtful sentences) the work in which you personally participated (5 pts)

Part 4) Explain in one paragraph (3 - 5 thoughtful sentences) WHY you were doing that work, what was the purpose (3 pts)?

Reflections:  (Full paragraph responses - be THOUGHTFUL, avoid simple responses such as "it was fun")

  • Refelction #1)  What parts of the investigation were most interesting and why? (3 pts)

  • Reflection #2)   What aspects of the investigation were least interesting and why? (3 pts)

  • Reflection #3)  Contrast (describe the differences) your understanding of biological surveys before the trip with what you know about biological surveys now (3 pts)