Wellness Intro

I've dabbled at having my students learn relaxation techniques for the past several years; and I've also had a local psychologist address an advanced physics class on dealing with stress.

However, this year (2018-2019) I'm going to reserve a small part of our week (usually a few minutes on Mondays) to help our students learn and practice skills to help with stress management. We'll also take (brief) sciency looks at how sleep, nutrition, hydration and exercise impact learning and stress.

Students will be encouraged to lead discussions, share their thoughts and concerns and occasionally do a bit of further research. We will do NO diagnosing or anything similar.

The following topics will be discussed:

SLEEP - There is AMAZING research being done by University of California (Berkely) Neuroscientists that shows how sleep can MASSIVELY impact learning.

The effect of quality sleep on stress management is also well documented.

HYDRATION - Brand new research was published just this summer that shows that being even a bit dehydrated can impact learning.
EXERCISE - The positive impacts of regular exercise are well known and well documented for both mental and physical health.
TOOLS FOR DEALING WITH STRESS - We'll learn about and practice some of these
MENTAL HEALTH & STRESS - Mental health can be hard to talk about-- we'll talk about that.
READING: Our Llibrarian sent this out today (3/21/2019)

My Black Hen Lays Eggs in the Relative When

She Won't Lay Them Here (In the Probable NOW)

Because She's Unable to Postulate HOW