The AP has most graciously & humbly (???) provided you access to released E & M Free Response questions

Please go HERE, log on and make sure you have access to all them thar AP exams

There are a bunch of m/c questions on the AP C E&M official Course Description-type document found HERE:

There is a full AP C released test HERE (from 1998!!!!)

There are also study guides available commercially. If you don't have one, let me know and I'll see about buying some using our course funds (although I'd prefer to save those for a cool field trip to a rocket company in Renton after the test)


To wit:

Multiple Choice Project

Each of ya'all will be responsible for providing a 5 minute conversation on a single m/c question of your choice. The only requirement is that that question must cover a topic currently under discussion or previously discussed... nothing in the future please:


Score Description
4 Your presentation was well rehearsed, easy to follow & appropriate for the unit (You didn't blow everyone away with a massively hard problem, and you didn't skate by with an easy one)
3 Your presentation was mostly well rehearsed with a few hiccups, only one or two aspects were not easy to follow or you chose a problem that was bit too hard to follow or too easy and no one really much benefited from your presentation
2 Your tried to wing, but it didn't work so well.
1 You explained aspects incorrectly... you weren't prepared at all
0 You didn't do it.


FR PROJECT (version 1.07):

This is a weighted x 2 assignment

By the by, if you start this the night before, you won't be able to ask your most-gracious-and-humble instructor for clarification.... true?

ALSO.. and I hope this goes without saying. PLEASE do not treat this as a task to be done, rather it is a chance to help YOURSELF and YOUR COLLEAGUES learn and prepare for the test. I'm painfully aware that there are lots of APC YouTube videos out there. If your work simply parrots a YouTube presentation, I will fail you. This is a chance to show your stuff, not a chore to be performed. I hope that is clear.

After the AP test, we'll have a vote for the MOST helpful solution/study guide, and that person will win a lovely prize..


You're going to develop a lesson plan based on the MR W daily lesson plan. Your lesson plan will be 100% devoted to helping your colleagues understand how to solve a specific AP C Free Response Problem from a released test, study guide or other MR W approved resource (obviously check with me first).

You'll need to submit a FR response-based class lesson plan within two school days of your M/C assignment in HTML format so I can add it to my website

You will use the Mr W classroom webpage template as follows (You can copy and paste the whole thing into WORD and it will work fine. Google Docs is much more dicey)


OPENING QUESTIONS: Get your students thinking about what they know about your topic BEFORE they dig in to your lesson plan. In teacher-speak we call this "Activating Previous Knowledge"

OBJECTIVE:  State your learning goal for the lesson in a single, student-centric statement:

I will be able to <state the learning goals from our AP Units that apply to this FR Question>


List Appropriate Terms Here

List Appropriate Formulae Here


Break down the FR Question with COMPLETE annotations to help your compadres understand how to solve it. The more difficult the section, the more clear your annotations should be.


Type or otherwise represent the ENTIRE Free Response (photos are fine!) series of questions here:

Generally site your source here: "I used the 1998 FR #3 question for my lesson plan" or "I used FR question number 37 from the Baron's 2019 AP Physics C study guide"

FR Response Review Project Grading Rubric (version 1.07)

Opening ?
Terms/ Formulae
Work o' Day (Scores x 2)
Appropriate for activating your student's previous knowledge on key topics Clearly & Accurately maps 4 or more AP standards to the FR . (if you can't find 4 standards, you've chosen the wrong question). The Terms & Formulae you list clearly & accurately represent the work needed to solve the FR problem. Your step-by-step solution to the problem goes well beyond that shown in the solution guide. Your annotations are written in FULL sentences and add SUBSTANTIAL understanding to help your students understand your solutions.
Matches Class Style & Uses Appropriate Html (I'll be happy to assist outside of 1 school day before your project is due)
You *mostly* succeed but you make simple errors or omissions which have little impact. Clearly & Accurately maps 3 AP standards to the FR question. The Terms & Formulae you list mostly represent the work needed to solve the FR problem. Your step-by-step solution to the problem goes only a small bit beyond that shown in the solution guide and/or your annotations are written in sentence fragments. Your solutions provide SOME added benefit for you students.
Too broad or too specific to really get your students thinking where they should be
Cites 2 or fewer standards and/or cites multiple standards .ncorrectly. The Terms & Formulae you list show frequent errors and/or omissions. Your step-by-step solution to the problem adds nothing to those provided in the solution guide but at the same time you make NO substantial errors or omissions. Your students gain nothing more than they would by reading the existing solution.
Thrown together, haphazard, or contains NUMEROUS errors & omissions. Thrown together, haphazard, or contains NUMEROUS errors & omissions. Thrown together, haphazard, or contains NUMEROUS errors & omissions. Thrown together, haphazard, or contains NUMEROUS errors & omissions.
Absent Absent Absent Absent Not Appropriate Not HTML not class style


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