MR W Bio
Summer Homework
Course Grading
Annotated Bibliography
Lab Report Specs (TBD by YOU)


Ladies & Gentlemen. I have the HIGHEST POSSIBLE expectations for you in this class this year. That means I absolutely, positively expect that you:

Contribute to your own success, the success of your learning group, and the success of the class in general. We're all in this together folks. I will push you hard, and I expect you to respond accordingly.

I consider myself privledged to be your learning coach. That means I push, pull, prod, shout, sing, cajole, encourage and otherwise try to get you where you need to be.

.... the bad news is that I *rarely* give you the answer to a problem without having you chew on it a whole lot first.

That also means that *I* have certain responsibilities:

  • To make sure my learning expectations are clear

  • To make sure I provide you with written expectations for lab and other written work

  • To make sure I'm available a minimum of 3 days a week after school with at least one of those days dedicated to AP Physics students ONLY

  • To provide reasonable written and verbal feedback to ensure your success in this class.

Finally -- And I hate to say this, but well, you know...


You absolutely, positively never get to:

  • Claim another person's work as your own. I'm a demon on this people, if you're in this class you know the rules. There is no reality when it is acceptable to put your name on another person's ideas. Ever.

  • Dodge an assignment by claiming that your printer is out of ink, your laptop got stolen, your internet at home went down, locusts invaded from Fife, meteors fell out of the sky and destroyed your garage where your printer lives, dogs, cats, alligators or other family pets ate your homework.

  • In short, if you 'fess up because you messed up, life is likely to go a whole lot better than if you make a lame excuse.

  • This is a college course folks, and one of the hardest you can take. You absolutely, positively, cannot skate on this...