Projects 02 - RHR, Trebuchet, Magnets-in-pipes


Let's do some quick right hand ruling:

Please work with your groupies to write down at least 5 cross products (answers on the back please) in preparation for our great CROSS PRODUCT CHALLENGE

Also I need to award presents for Team Ben (P) for their efforts last Friday



Comming before the end of the year:

  • A quick rhr quizzypoo like today's opening question (please make sure to give me your old test if I don't have it). A chance to gain back up to 4 points on your induction test


  • The First Annual GHHS Cross Product Challenge (double elimination tournament)
  • Let's finish up the seeding for that... I'll spin the wheel and 4 or 5 folks will get first round 'byes'


Hopefully we were able to execute our challenge/herald to Johnson's crew this morning?

Let's make sure we are STARTING to outline our engineering writeup for the Trebuchet Challenge... (it's a whole lot easier to use it as a guiding document than to create it retroactively)

The final *other* project we have for the duration is to design and carry out SOME sort of investigation involving neodymium magnets falling through pipes...

I purchased a number of 1/2" x 1/2" neodymium magnets to facilitate your work...please be GENTLE with them

Let's go with true inquiry on this one folks... pick some aspect of a magnet moving through a pipe and work to investigate that scientifically.

You will have:

1) Several different types of pipe

2) A number of 1/2" x 1/2" neodymium magnets

3) Other magnets as available

4) Vernier Labquest data collection devices with magnetic field probes

5) Multi-meters (please be careful)


Take a few moments to work on determining your investigative question to guide your lab.

This lab will be written up using our basic Baylor lab guidelines and is due