Reflection Assignment

I'm not real big on 'test corrections'. Which is to say showing you the answers to a test and have you write them back to me seems kind of... well, busy to me.

SO, I *do* believe that there is a HUGE amount of learning that comes from reflecting/analyzing/ deconstructing problems on a tough exam


Towards that end....

1) Take a look at the first Free Response problem.

  • Write a narrative to a bright, articulate physics B student that elaborates on your initial misconceptions (in other words, show what your initial thinking was when you took the test).

  • Now address each of those misconceptions and elaborate on the more accurate description of each. (there are 5 points possible so write for each point you missed).

2) Write a sketch to a similar problem that you design and label it appropropriately

3) Interpret and analyze why the last two parts (cii, ciii) of the free response section are virtually identical:

  • Please note the term 'analyze'. An analysis is NOT written: "The two problems are virtually identical because of the___________". (which is a statement, not an analysis)

  • Please also indicate why "same response as part ii" would get you zero points

4) Pick one of the multiple choice problems that you flat out missed... Rewrite that question in a way that makes sense to you that IS NOT multiple choice. Give that question to a friend and then grade your friend's response (with comments). Include that right there on your paper (yes, I'm serious)

5) Please indicate the following inregards to preparing for your mechanics exam:

  • What is your 'AP mechanics study day' each week?
  • Who are you studying with?
  • How long are you studying?
  • Is that hypothetical at this point or have you already started?